Crown Straight Drinker 4L



Crown Straight Drinker 4L

Quality plastic drinker with straight sides so birds do not have to duck under the bulge as in other designs. We find these are the best design to use and the easiest to fill. The bowl is also wider allowing more drinking space. Made from high-quality UV stabilised plastic for long life. More suitable for larger birds but we do use them for our young pullets from around 6 weeks of age.

We also have this size available with 3 sturdy, extendable legs. Legs are foldable and extendable. When folded under the bowl sits level on the ground. When the first stage is unfolded the bowl is lifted 40mm high. When the second stage is unfolded the bowl is lifted to 70mm. Perfect for keeping the water in the bowl free of dirt and shavings. The drinker can also be suspended.