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No shipping rate showing?

To give you the best shipping rate direct to your door we are now using a shipping API which calculates the rate based on the address you have entered.
The address fields need to be populated correctly so the API understands your address and can give you the best rate.
Your address needs to be broken down across 4 address fields. Keep it simple 😊

  • STREET NUMBER AND NAME - do not add your RD number to this field
  • SUBURB ONLY - Best to only put your suburb here - avoid putting both suburb and city as it confuses the API 
  • REGION - select from drop down menu
  • POSTCODE - Check it is correct - incorrect postcodes will NOT yield a rate.

Avoid confusing the address fields with too much information 😟 as in the example below

The above address will yield a non-shipping result as below.

Rejig your address and it should work  - see below 😀