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Silver Pheasant

The male is an impressive display artist.

The silver pheasant is a species of pheasant inhabiting the forests of mainland Southeast Asia and eastern and southern china. One of the most noticeable features is the bright red face wattles which are used during courtship. It is privilege to watch a male silver display to a female. He stands proud holds out his wings and beats them in the air. With this beating resonates a low sound that must capture the female’s attention. Silvers do not achieve their brilliant plumage until their second year. Of all our pheasants the silvers come into the lay first each season. Their laying season is also shorter. We also find the hens tend to go broody. It is recommended to allow the hens to go broody, as they are great mothers and is very interesting to observe the family behavior of this species. The males participate with the rearing of the chicks.

The chicks do grow quickly and are able to fly at only a few days. They are extremely hardy and tough birds. Ample shade is recommended during the summer. These pheasants are best kept on their own but we have successfully run partridge in with them the last few seasons. Our aviary is of a good size (5m by 5m) and landscaped with flaxes, logs, rocks and a timber shelter.  

We no longer keep the Silver Pheasant.


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