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India Blue Peafowl

The National Bird of India

Today simply known as peafowl; the peacock is the male, females are known as peahens and the young are peachicks (up to a year in age). Peafowl have been kept in captivity for many centuries and have been recorded in ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek history. Peafowl come in a wide variety of colors including blue, green, white, light brown and purple. These colors and many other colors not mentioned have come from selective breeding done by people all over the world. The India blue and the green peafowl are the two most common colors of peafowl found in the wild. India blue peafowl are by far the most common peafowl in captivity and they are what most people are familiar with from visits to nature parks and zoos.

We have a few peafowl that free range round our place as we enjoy their company. We do not sell eggs or progeny.


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