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How to Make Guinea Pigs Happy 😊

Guinea pigs have a few basic needs - a warm, clean home, a balanced diet, clean water, a safe space to run around, good health, and some guinea pig companions.
Read on for more detail on how to keep your pets content.

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1. A Warm, Clean Home

Like humans, guinea pigs will only really be happy if they’re in a good environment. They will need a sturdy, secure home with plenty of clean bedding. 

Once you’ve purchased your hutch, you’ll need to think carefully about where to place it. Are your guinea pigs in a nice, quiet area that your other pets can’t get to? Are they in a space that is free from draughts, humidity and chemicals? 

2. A Balanced Diet

Guinea pigs need a variety of vitamins and minerals to be fit and healthy, but vitamin C is especially vital in maintaining a healthy body. Each day, your pets will need fresh food and dry food, clean water and hay.

happy guinea pig

Guinea Pigs really love to eat!

Guinea Pig Eglu Go Hutch with run attached

Give your Guinea Pigs a safe, secure outdoor space to run, play and explore.

3. A Safe Space to Run Around

Guinea pigs love getting out of their hutch and having a good time with their friends. Guinea pig runs are the perfect space for them to do this, and they come attached to the hutch in the Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch unit shown here. If you’ve got a traditional wooden hutch, then it’s a good idea to purchase a guinea pig run, and to move your guinea pigs between the hutch and the run each morning and evening when the weather is fine. Be sure to move a hideaway with them so that they have some shelter, as well as all their food and water too. For more information on keeping your guinea pigs safe in their run, have a look at our hutches section.

4. Good Health

Guinea pigs get very depressed when they’re unwell and in pain. For this reason, it’s a good idea to give your guinea pigs regular health checks and monthly anti-parasite shampoos. Keep an eye on your guinea pigs and their home, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary then take action quickly. Guinea pigs are prey animals in the wild and so are extremely good at hiding their health problems, so when an issue become obvious it’s often serious.

Give your guinea pig regular health checks

Give your Guinea Pigs a regular health check.

guinea pigs enjoying each others company

Guinea pigs are herd animals and should be kept in groups of two or more.

5. Guinea Pig Companions

Guinea pigs are herd animals, and so we really can’t stress enough how much they need a guinea pig companion. As an owner, you can be incredibly affectionate, and have a really strong bond with your pet, but they will still crave a companion of the same species. Unfortunately, rabbits aren’t a good substitute as they are easily capable of accidentally injuring your guinea pig, and the two species don’t have the same communication systems.
If your guinea pig doesn’t get on well with others, then try getting a younger guinea pig of the same gender, as they’re less likely to perceive this animal as a threat. Even if your guinea pig does not get on well with your other guinea pigs, that does not mean that it should be kept alone. What you can do in these circumstances is either make sure that your guinea pig house is big enough for them all to have their own spaces, or put up a bit of mesh between that guinea pig and your other guinea pigs to stop them fighting. That way, your grumpy guinea pig can still talk to its friends without any risk of one doing any harm to the other. You can always remove this mesh when you feel the time is right.

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