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We love the wyandotte ladies. Classy young girls looking racy and sleek before they mature out to be curvaceous laced hens of standing and character.

Classification: Heavy Breed

The ever striking wyandotte with its exquisite lacing (although not all are laced) is another much admired breed. Its popularity is due not only to its looks but also to the fact that it is an ideal dual purpose backyard fowl. The wyandotte history is comparatively young. It was only in 1883 when the silver laced version was finally standardized in America. The breed acquired its name from a native North American tribe called the Wendat (which in time became corrupted and pronounced by the settlers as wyandotte) After 1883 the silver laced version travelled to British shores and the English poultry fanciers set to work on improving the lacing, ground colour and developing new colour varieties. Today wyandotte come in a wide range of colours. They have a rather rotund appearance and are curvaceous ladies with slightly loose feathers that make them look fluffy. We find them to be slightly more susceptible to common backyard viruses than other breeds. Their calm and docile nature and strong character make them a big winner with first time chicken owners. We have kept the wyandotte for many years and find the breed be average to good layers: they are a bit slow to come into lay in each spring but once they get under way they lay well.

Please note we no longer keep any colour varieties of this breed.

Wyandottes are always everyone's first go to heritage breed because they are irresistably spectacularly stunning in looks.

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