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Barred Plymouth Rock

The ever popular plymouth rock with its big personality and friendly temperament is another firm favourite.

Classification: Heavy breed

We love our plymouth rocks! They are good sized, solid fowl with friendly temperaments that make excellent backyard layers. This dual purpose heavy breed was developed in Massachusetts, USA in 1820s with the barred variety being included in the first American Book of Poultry Standards published in 1874. This ‘barred rock’ as it is often known with its zebra stripping is an impressive looking bird with the contrasting red single comb and wattles setting off the black and white plumage.
They make ideal pets for children plus we have found them to be amongst our top layers. Our ‘barred rock’ girls are all large framed girls and consistent layers of large tinted eggs. They lay like troopers every season. If you are looking for a striking bird that will make a good pet and be a good layer then consider the ever popular plymouth rock. They are happy to be confined or to free range and are easy to handle – the perfect all round hen!

Due to time constraints we no longer have available for sale hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels from our Barred Plymouth Rocks.

The barred plymouth rock hens are good sized ladies with docile, friendly temperaments. They lay medium to large sized, tinted eggs.

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