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Pekin Bantam

The perfect feathered family pet

Classification: True Bantam

Pekin bantams come in many different colour varieties. They are a true bantam, which means that there is not a large or standard version of them. In 1860 the British army brought the first buff pekins to Britain from Peking (Beijing). These birds would have been very different from the ones we see today. The original pekins of 150 years ago were taller, more hard feathered and bigger. Today's pekins are best described as round, soft feathered and small with feathered legs. Pekin bantams make perfect garden ornaments. They are not as hard on the garden as the larger standard breeds as their feet are feathered. They are full of personality, friendly and make wonderful pets. They are a reasonable layer of small eggs. The hens make good mothers and regularly go broody making them ideal for using for natural incubation.

Please note we no longer keep this breed.

Pekin Bantams make great garden ornaments :)
They are gentle on the garden, full of personality and pretty good at roosting up in the trees given half the chance! 
If you are wanting lots of eggs for baking you would be better off with the brown shavers as these little beauties are more inclined to make great broodies!

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