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A striking breed with their long, strong bodies, full tails, red combs and wattles and white ear lobes.

Classification: Heavy Breed

The Minorca has a friendly disposition, thrives on human contact and has a wonderful temperament. They can be flighty and can actually reach distances of 2m so care needs to be taken with boundaries. They prefer to free range, are excellent foragers and make perfect farmyard fowls. They will adapt to confinement and would also be well suited to a suburban setting.
Originally called the Red Faced Black Spanish, the Minorca is the largest and heaviest of the Mediterranean breeds. It originated from Spain in the 1780s and is named after the island of Minorca.  They are a well-known exhibition bird in many countries of the world. A popular large-egg producer, Minorcas are very sleek and elegant long birds, with narrow bodies. Black is the most popular colour variety and there is also a rosecomb version.  Minorcas lay very large, white shelled eggs all year round, especially during the winter months. They are usually hardy birds but their large combs are prone to frostbite; they are very tolerant of hot weather and prefer dry conditions. Their unique comb is erect in cocks, but in hens falls to one side. 

We do not have Minorca hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels available for sale.

Minorca Rooster
Minorca Blue Hen
Minorca male
Minorca pullet
Minorca Rooster
Minorca chickens

Who needs to wait for double-yolks, when this beautiful chicken lays some of the largest eggs out of all the standard breeds!

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