Light Sussex

Our light sussex hens remind us of elegant ladies in bustle dresses.

Classification: Heavy Breed

This classic breed is a brilliant all-rounder: great layer, excellent table bird (cockerels) with striking looks and friendly temperament. The progeny are early to feather, fast growing and quick to mature. The young pullets and cockerels look mighty fine in their stunning crisp, white plumage with their striking black neck hackles and jet black tails. If crossed with ‘gold’ males the light sussex hens will produce sex-liked chicks - very handy if you want to tell your pullets from your cockerels from hatch day. Our light sussex girls have laid consistently well for us; they lay a good sized egg and egg colour is usually tinted. They come into the lay early each season (late winter) and lay consistently well till they come into the moult in late summer/autumn. Light sussex are inclined to go broody like many of the other heavy breeds and they make attentive mothers. We find them a delightful breed to keep. We also keep the speckled sussex and the buff sussex.