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The leghorn girls are slender, athletic ladies, sprightly in nature and keen to explore.

Classification: Light Breed

Leghorns originated in Italy and like most of the mediterranean breeds have white earlobes – a sign of a good layer. They are a very influential breed and were kept as the nations layers before man developed the modern commercial hybrids to become our egg laying machines. The leghorn played an important role in this development due to their prolific egg laying abilities. Leghorns are by nature active, energetic birds that love to go where they choose so happily jump up into trees to roost or jump over fences. They are independent characters but will reward you with lots of lovely big, white eggs. We have kept both the white and the brown colour varieties but presently just have the white leghorns. The hens are not inclined to go broody – don’t think I have ever had one sit! They are robust birds and ideal to keep if you have the space for them to come and go as they please.

Due to time constraints we no longer have available for sale hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels from our White Leghorn.

We have never found our white leghorn hens to be over flightly. They are very independant ladies and love to forage. 

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