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Lavender Araucana

Our Chilean girls love to chatter and at times can be seem dizzy!

Classification: Light Breed

Arauncana chickens originate from South America and are named after the Arauca Indians of Chile. They were introduced to Europe in the early 1900s although they have been heard of since the mid-sixteenth century. They originally had large floppy pea combs but these have been bred so that they now only have a very small irregularly shaped pea comb. They do not have wattles and the facial feathers are thick with a small crest on the head. The blue green egg is coloured throughout the shell so the inside is as blue as the outside but inside the yolk and egg white is still the same as any other hens egg! The breed can be born with or without a tail, those without are known as Rumpless Araucanas. They are short, rounded birds with an upright stance and a broad skull. They have an unusual wart-like feature on either side of their heads called plicae where the earlobes are usually seen. These have feathers on them which make up ear tufts which slat backwards. Araucana chicks are strong, fast growers and mature quickly. Here in NZ they are classified as a light breed. They do tend towards broodiness and make excellent mothers. They don't mind being kept in a run but like fresh grass so the coop will need moving on regularly.

Due to time constraints we no longer have available for sale hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels from our Lavender Aruacana.

The Lavender Aruacana are extremely popular due to the fact that they lay bluey-green eggs.
They might be a dizzy chicken but worth keeping because everyone loves green eggs and ham!

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