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Silver Spangled Hamburgh

Our gorgeous polka dot girls!

Classification: Light Breed

The origins of the hamburghs (Hamburg in the USA without the ‘h’) are not exactly known. They have been kept in Britian for at least the last 300 years but could have originated in Eastern Europe. They are a small, active, graceful bird with a smart rose comb and upright tail. They come in a range of colours: black, white, gold pencilled, silver pencilled, gold spangled and silver spangled. The most popular and visually stunning variety would be the silver spangled hamburgh.

Here at Appletons we love our polka-dot ladies! The Hamburghs must be our all-time favourite in the light breeds. The hens might not be very big but they make up for it in looks and personality. They are great layers and lay a good sized white egg for their body size. We find they do best if they have access to free range. If you wish to pen them a decent sized run will be required and have it netted over the top as these girls can be inclined to jump out. The silver spangled hamburgh roosters are stunning with their black spangles, long sweeping tails and regal red, rose combs. If you can keep a rooster they are worth having around just to admire his pose but also to keep the girls in check! When young the hamburghs can be a bit flighty but as they mature into hens they calm down and become more enquiring and friendly. In fact, our pen of hamburghs is extremely friendly and rush to meet us when we go to visit them. They are enquiring by nature and a joy to watch. They love to chatter and let us know what they want: real little conversationalists! If you have space to let your hens free range and are looking for personality, intelligence and beauty (and white eggs of course)then don’t look past the lovely hamburghs.

Due to time constraints we no longer have available for sale hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels from our Silver Spangled Hamburgh.

The Silver Spangled Hamburgh hens are very endearing little ladies. They are very sociable and love to chat. Little birds with heaps of personality.

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