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Golden Campine

These little ladies have big personality, striking plumage and are prolific layers.

Classification: Light Breed

This is an ancient European breed that was developed in Belgium and takes its name from that region of the country. The interesting fact about this breed is that the males and females look very similar in plumage colour markings. The roosters are hen-feathered as they do not have pronounced sickle feathers or pointed neck or saddle hackle feathers. The roosters are showy fellas and love to strut their stuff and impress the girls. The campine has great character: sometimes aloof, sometimes friendly. Once this bird is comfortable with who you are they will happily approach you. They are alert, active birds and love to forage and free range. If penned make sure the pen is secure and netted over as they will be over and out and exploring in no time . The campine was developed primarily as an egg layer and we find ours reward us regularly with lots of lovely white eggs.

Due to time constraints we no longer have available for sale hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels from our Golden Campine.

Chatty, independant little birds with plenty of character. Very good layers of small white eggs.

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