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This wonderful breed is a delight to behold; with their classic face muffling, feathered legs, gentle natures and big personalities.

Classification: Heavy Breed

This wonderful breed is a delight to behold with their classic face muffling, feathered shanks, outer toe feathering, gentle natures and big personalities. They are a French breed originating around 1886 from careful cross breeding (that included Houdans and Dorkings) to get a high performance dual purpose fowl. Faverolles make excellent pets. Their docile nature often results in them being easily bullied by more dominant, energetic breeds. They seem to be happy when confined to smaller runs but like any fowl enjoy time out to free range. Faverolles come in various colours: ermine, black, white, buff with salmon being the most widely kept colour.

We have kept the salmon faverolles for many years but recently due to time constraints have cut back on our breed numbers and sadly we no longer keep these lovely birds. We adored their quirky looks, chatty personalities and the beautiful, creamy plumage of the salmon hens. We have found them to be average layers and not as prolific as their counterparts overseas. The day old chicks are gorgeous and blonde in colour sporting fluffy slippers (feathered feet). They are quick to feather and the colour of their plumage soon determines their sex: pullets (salmon/creamy) and cockerels (black/brown colouring.) We have found the gentle nature of this breed has allowed us to run more than one rooster in with the hens. A docile, friendly breed, easy to handle with a calm disposition and, in our opinion, the teddy bear of chook breeds.

Please note we no longer keep this breed.

The teddy bear of chook breeds: Gentle and friendly with big personalities.

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