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Their looks, character and distinctive white, elongated eggs make them a delight to have foraging in our backyard.

Classification: Heavy breed

This lovely old heritage breed is a delight to keep. As each year passes we love our dorkings more and more. We keep the silver-grey variety and enjoy the contract in looks between the cockerels and the pullets. The roosters mature out to be handsome, large bodied, impressive birds that make excellent eating. If crossed with Indian game they make the even better table birds. The hens are very attractive and silver grey in colour with a deep chestnut breast and compliment the solid colouring of the males. All dorkings should carry the famous 5 toes on each foot so avoid breeding with any that have less or more. The dorkings have ancient roots going back to the time of the Roman invasion of Britian. Some folk say they were there when the Romans arrived others say they were brought by the invaders – either way the dorking is a very different bird today than it was 2000 years ago. Dorkings love to forage and we have found they lay better if they have daily access to free range. They are hardy birds and the hens make good broodies. We find the chicks to be initially slower growing than some of the other breeds and do best if hatched out earlier on in the season. They are the only heavy breed with red earlobes to lay a white egg.

Due to time constraints we no longer have available for sale hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels from our Dorking.

Dorking close up

Our dorking hens are very independant ladies with the most striking colouring. They really enjoy the company of other dorking so best kept as a flock.

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