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Buff Sussex

The buffs look equally as elegant as the lights and are as well marked in their gold attire.

Classification: Heavy Breed

We are delighted with our buff sussex and have found them to be excellent layers of light brown, large sized eggs. The hens have a very long laying season and if you add early hatched chicks back into the flock each autumn then you can be assured you will have eggs all year round. If comparing buff sussex to light sussex in our experience the buffs lay a bigger sized, browner egg and are more friendly.
This rare colour variety has been work in progress for us many years now - we originally struggled to source the breed and are now pleased to see they are more readily available as a colour variety here in NZ. The cockerels are very fast growing, mature early and make good sized table birds. So all round a fantastic dual purpose breed with a wonderful temperament. The buffs are exceptionally friendly, a very easy going breed and would be ideal for anyone with young children as they make great pets.
They are inclined to go broody like most of the heavy breeds (this is a perfectly normal process) and if controlled should have little impact on the laying season. Remove broody hens immediately out of the laying pen and place them in a wire cage with fresh water and feed. Do not add any 'creature comforts' like a house and nest box but do provide them with protection from wind and rain. We leave our girls here for a week and then it is back to the laying pen. This works very well for us and we get excellent production from our buff ladies!

Due to time constraints we no longer have available for sale hatching eggs, pullets and cockerels from our Buff Sussex.

These golden girls are the friendliest hens ever. They have wonderful temperaments. The also lay lovely, large brown eggs. A wonderful breed.

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