Got Red Mites in Your Hen House? These Products will help...

Brown Shavers

Our next lot of brown shavers will be ready to pick up at 10 weeks of age mid January.
These are now available to pre-order online.

These pullets will be POL late March - early April.

Pre-order nowPre-Order for November Pullets will be added in AugustPre-order for late August day old chicks will be added soon.

Thank you

Please read our terms of sale for poultry pre-orders

Payment required on placing your order - thank you.
Price is per pullet and includes GST.
Minimum order of 3 pullets.
Maximum order 12 pullets.
Talk to us if you are wanting more birds.
A bag of feed will need to be ordered separately : either a 10kg or a 25kg Chicks Choice
Collection needs to be on the dates specified.
We cannot grow pullets on to point of lay.
If you cancel your pre-order for brown shaver pullets you will be charged a cancellation fee of $5 per pullet.
On all refunds a Shopify payments transaction charge of 3.6% per order will be charged if payment was made online by card.


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