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7 Best Dog Breeds With Children

The best all round family dog breeds are those who can tolerate all kinds of behaviour, from screaming and shouting, to running and jumping. If you’re in search for the perfect child friendly dog then look no further. Here is our top 7 best dog breeds with children.


Never let appearance fool you. This gentle giant is an incredible family dog with a huge heart. Newfoundlands make the perfect playmate for children, they seem to always want to pull them around in boxes as if they were pulling sleds across snow. They also make a wonderful warm pillow to cuddle up to after a day of exercise.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the most popular breed and it's no wonder with their loving nature. Their loyal, friendly and playful take on life labels them as the best all-round dog in the world, which makes them perfect for families. So if you're looking for a dog that you can trust to tire out your children a Labrador Retriever is definately the answer.

English Bulldog

Although Bulldogs can appear stocky and fierce, you might be surprised to hear that this breed is actually very gentle and friendly with children. You probably won’t however be surprised to hear that Bulldogs are very relaxed (or lazy) and love to sleep on your lap. Their guarding instincts also makes them fairly protective of their close friends and family, and their size makes them a perfect breed to be handled.


Boxers are very people orientated dogs who love nothing more than to spend all day with their friends and family, especially children. They are gentle, caring, and love to cuddle in the evenings, but they can be quite energetic and bouncy if they haven't been exercised. To avoid a little rough and tumble be sure to exercise your Boxer before allowing playtime with your children.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are wonderful family dogs. They love being around people, playing with children and they really enjoy training. If you’re looking for a dog with just the right amount of energy for your children then here is your answer. Don’t underestimate their willingness to play and frolic, Irish Setters make a wonderful household dog.


Beagles are very intelligent and friendly dogs who find it easy to get on with anybody if socialised early. They are very difficult to tire out with games, even for the most athletic and energetic children, so encourage them to retrieve their favourite toy and train them to keep them mentally active along the way.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have plenty of energy to share. They are an intelligent and eager to please breed who thrive off love and affection. Bring your children on an exciting and playful walk with your Golden Retriever and he’ll reward you with a quiet cuddle in the evening. Don’t forget to encourage your kids to play fetch, Goldies are great at retrieving.


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