Zippi Rabbit Shelter


Zippi Rabbit Shelter

Add a brilliant new Zippi Rabbit Shelter to your rabbits run and watch as they pop in one door and out the other. Rabbits have a natural instinct to seek a hidey-hole and the Zippi Rabbit Shelter is perfect for providing protection from wind, rain and sun whilst offering a place where they can feel secure, settled and relaxed. The Zippi Rabbit Shelter is also a great place for your rabbits to get a better view by hopping on top of the shelter and surveying their surroundings.

Zippi Rabbit ShelterThe Zippi Rabbit Shelter is ideal for use in the Zippi Rabbit Run and Playpen. The shelter can also be used as a fun and enriching accessory toy in the run of an Eglu Go Hutch or Outdoor Rabbit Run. The shelter has two entrances so that one animal can leave if another is coming in. Your pets can also use the holes to run through the shelter.

Available in two stunning colours: green and purple, matching the Eglu Rabbit Hutches.

Suitable for Flemish Giant rabbits.

Product Dimensions: 483 x 327 x 290 mm


Zippi Shelters | NEW Exciting Run Accessory for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs | Omlet Pet Products from Omlet on Vimeo.


Customer Reviews

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Fun for Rabbits

Our Rabbit lost his flemish giant friend a few months ago. So we have been looking for something to keep him occupied when we are at work. This shelter and tunnels have really worked well. He just loves running in and out. Defiantly recommend for active rabbits.

wendy swatridge
Zippi rabbit shelter

My bunny loves the shelter. Spends most of afternoon lazing in it , a very good buy

Sharon A
Great product

This product is very sturdy. It's the best quality shelter I have seen and is perfect for my two rabbits to relax in, when they are in their run/enclosure, I attached the zippi tunnel to it and the whole setup is perfect!

Tracey Jeffcoat
Great extra grazing cage -

everything with this company was easy! Fast efficient delivery

Claire McDonald
Zippi shelter is a hit with my rabbits

I bought the shelter as an alternative hiding place to the hutch and tunnel inside the larger rabbit enclosure I have. I have two rabbits who enjoy snuggling under there during the day and use it to chill in. Very sturdy so doesn't move around even in higher winds.