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Omlet Caddi Rabbit and Guinea Pig Treat Holder
Omlet Hay Rack
Omlet Rabbit Water Bottle 600ml (plastic)
KT Extra Large Rabbit Drinker 946mm
KT Clearview Large Rabbit Drinker 960 mm
Little Giant Pet Bowl Drinker
Rabbit Feeding Bowl 600ml -12cm + Secure Clamp
Rabbit Feed Bowl 600ml - 12cm + Holder

We have a great selection of rabbit keeping equipment, rabbit housing, rabbit feed and rabbit keeping accessories. Best sellers are the Eglu Go Hutches and Outdoor Rabbit Runs. Choose from a 1m or 2m Run for more hop room! Plus check out our NEW Omlet Zippi Tunnels and Rabbit Playpens for more creative play.


What Sets Appletons Apart Regarding a Hutch for Rabbits?

Understanding the need for a rabbit hutch is an important step but, finding the right product and making a smart purchase is, too. At Appletons, we take great pride in offering pet owners across New Zealand a simpler, more cost-effective way to create an adequate space for happy animal living. What are the key points of difference we offer to our customers? Here's how we stand out:

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