Nest Box Liner for Eglu Go & Go UP Chicken Coops - Chicken Astroturf


Nest Box Liner for Omlet Eglu Go & Go UP Chicken Coops

We have been trialling these for a while now in our Omlet Eglu Go and Go Up Chicken Coops and they work extremely well.
Thumbs up all round from both the hens and us! 👍🐔🥚 Lovely, clean eggs to collect each day. We have seen no broken eggs since using the chicken astroturf.  Hens can sometimes kick the wood shavings out the bowl when fluffing around to lay. With the chicken astroturf, they cannot, so eggs are laid directly on top. Perfect! - to await your collection. 😊

Available in a single or twin pack with fixings. 

The advantage of using Chicken Astroturf in your Eglu Go Chicken Coop:

  • Fewer dirty shelled eggs, fewer cracks and breakages. The open structure of the new nest pad combined with the special shape and high flexibility of its individual blades ensures that the eggs rare sit on top and do not break.
  • Fewer outside eggs Hens find nests fitted with Astroturf attractive. They seem to prefer Astroturf to any other material. 
  • Cheaper and more profitable Unhygienic litter is now a thing of the past, as is the intensive labour needed to keep replacing it. Astroturf lasts for several years. We recommend buying two squares to alternate between cleans.
  • Easy to install and maintain  The open structure enables more dirt to fall through and the new design prevents dirt from sticking to the nest pad. The mat is very easy to clean.
Chicken Astroturf in Eglu Go Chicken Coop

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