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10 Fun Things to do With Your Budgie

18th November 2022

Budgies are intelligent and social birds that can make delightful companions. Here are some fun activities you can do with your budgie:

Fun things to do with your budgie

TIP: Remember to be patient and gentle, as each budgie has its own personality.  
Building trust and forming a bond takes time, so enjoy the process of getting to know your feathered friend.

1. Training Sessions

  • Teach your budgie simple tricks like stepping up onto your finger, turning around, or playing with a mini basketball hoop.
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques with treats to reward good behavior.

2. Toys and Enrichment

  • Provide a variety of toys to keep your budgie entertained, such as bells, mirrors, swings, and climbing structures.
  • Rotate toys regularly to prevent boredom.

3. Social Interaction

  • Spend time talking to your budgie. They can learn words and phrases with patience and consistent repetition.
  • Offer your budgie a perch on your shoulder while you go about your daily activities.

4. Millet and Treat Time

  • Budgies often enjoy millet sprays. Offer them as treats during training or just as a special snack.
  • Experiment with other safe fruits and vegetables to see if your budgie has any favorites.

5. Interactive Games

  • Play games like "peek-a-boo" by hiding behind your hands and then revealing your face. Budgies often enjoy interactive play.
  • Gently roll a small ball toward your budgie, and see if they engage by pushing it back with their beak.

6. Budgie-safe Music and Videos

  • Play soft music or nature sounds for your budgie. Some budgies enjoy watching videos specifically designed for birds with colorful visuals and soothing sounds.

7. Outside Cage Time

  • Allow your budgie some supervised outside-of-cage time in a bird-safe, enclosed area.
  • Make sure the room is free of potential hazards and that windows and doors are closed.

8. Create an Obstacle Course

  • Set up a mini obstacle course using safe objects like small cardboard boxes or toys. Encourage your budgie to navigate through the course.

9. Budgie Playdates

  • If you have more than one budgie, consider arranging playdates. Supervise their interactions to ensure they get along.

10. Regular Check-ups

  • Keep your budgie healthy by scheduling regular veterinary check-ups.


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