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Cat Scratchers and Kitten Development

Published 21st June 2024

Kitten and owner playing with the Switch Cat Scratcher

Investing in a cat scratcher for your new kitten is absolutely crucial from day one. Not only does it save your furniture from becoming a feline scratching post, but it's essential for fostering their natural instincts and development. Cat scratchers provide an outlet for their playful energy and help maintain their agility as they grow. Plus, they contribute to your kitten's overall physical and emotional well-being.

Kittens and Scratching

Kittens and scratching – they’re notorious for it. This adorable yet seemingly mischievous behaviour is a vital part of a kitten’s growth and development. From around two weeks of age, kittens might start playfully swatting or pawing at things. But their scratching habits begin to really develop between four to eight weeks when their little claws start to sharpen.

Scratching isn’t just a sign of an imminent furniture catastrophe; it actually serves several purposes. Firstly, it helps shed the outer sheath of their claws, keeping them sharp and healthy. Secondly, it’s a way for kittens to mark their territory, leaving both a visual mark and a scent from the glands in their paws. It’s an instinctual behaviour that stays with felines from kitten to adult.

But do kittens scratch more than older cats? Yes, they certainly do. Kittens are a whirlwind of energy, curiosity, and playful exploration. They’re in the prime of their learning phase, so everything is a potential toy or a scratching post. Older cats, on the other hand, might have outgrown some of the exuberant scratching tendencies of their youth and are usually more discerning about where they extend their claws. So, while kittens may be prone to turning your furniture into shredded works of art, with a little training and the right scratching posts, you can save your belongings and nurture your little furball’s scratching instincts without sacrificing the sofa.

kitten playing with scratching post

Why Kittens Need a Scratching Post

Kittens are curious animals and are born with an innate need to scratch as a way to ‘feel’ their way through the world. It’s more beneficial and cost-effective to give your kitten a scratching post than it is to risk having your sofa become their place to scratch and release energy. Without a designated scratching post, your furniture becomes the target of a kitten’s claw-sharpening escapades.

With a strong and sturdy scratching post you can provide an outlet for your kitten’s scratching instincts and provide a designated spot for them to flex those claws. By giving your kitten a scratching post, you’re not just saving your furniture; you’re paying attention to your feline’s natural instincts and providing them with a satisfying scratching outlet that keeps everyone happy.

The Best Scratching Post for Kittens

Switch Light-Up LED Cat Scratching Post

Introducing the Omlet Switch Cat Scratcher, a satisfying scratching outlet that keeps everyone happy. The Switch is engineered to meet all your kitten’s developmental needs, and create a world of wonder to enthral and entertain them. So, what makes this ingeniously designed cat scratcher so perfect for kittens?

Unlike ordinary scratching posts, the Switch was purposely designed with interactive features to help hone your kitten’s coordination through play. Omlet have made the Switch taller than any other comparable scratcher to support the necessary exploration and balance your kitten needs as they leap, pounce, and stretch into adulthood.

No one knows your kitten’s behaviours better than you, so with that in mind, Omlet created the Switch to be customizable to your cat and their unique traits. With over 1200 built-in and remote controllable LED light settings, the Switch Cat Scratcher is not just a regular scratching post. It offers a mesmerizing array of colours and patterns that will keep them entertained for hours.

In addition, this scratcher is a developmental powerhouse. Kittens, in their early stages, need stimulation for healthy physical development, and the Switch Scratcher does just that. The interactive lights mimic the thrill of the hunt, stimulating their inquisitive minds and activating their playful pounce! It encourages their natural instincts to play, jump, and scratch, promotes agility and enhances physical development.

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