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4 Ways to Entertain Your Dog While You’re Away

Active dogs are happy dogs! Making sure your dog is stimulated while you’re away is essential to their health and well-being.
Access to dog toys and fun distractions will reduce destructive behavior, and can help ease any separation anxiety your pet may suffer when you’re gone.


Join Your Dog for Lunch

If you’re able to get home for lunch, that’s ideal. Your dog will look forward to your return, and that will help give structure to their day. You can play with them, let them out to stretch and run around.


Find a Dog Walker

Getting someone to spend time with your dog for an hour or so in the middle of the day will fill the gap, enabling your pet to get the exercise and company they need while you’re away. If the dog walker is looking after another dog too, it will give yours the opportunity to make some new doggy friends. There may be a friend or family member who can fulfil this role. If you can afford it, a professional dog walker can come to the rescue. Check local listings to find someone in your area.


Give Them a Window

Before you leave for work, ensure your pet has access to a window and let them watch the world go by. An interesting view will make the time pass by quicker, and will help keep them entertained throughout the day. Set up a space with their favourite dog blanket or a comfy dog bed to encourage them to spend time there. The comfier the bed, the more enticing it will be for a daytime rest!


Leave Your Dog Toys

Many dogs will spend a long time playing with toys, especially ones that involve chewing. A toy with a hidden dog treat inside is great for your dog’s mental and physical stimulation. The Kong, for example, has been a reliable ‘chew’ for several decades. Its simple secret is its uneven shape – when it falls, it bounces unpredictably, much to the dog’s endless amusement. Make sure to rotate your dog’s toys frequently, so they have something new to play with. Keeping things interesting will prevent your pet from getting into items that could be dangerous for them.


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