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The Best Time to Get a Cat

There’s no hiding it, we know that you love these adorable purring animals, but how do you know when the best time to get a cat is? Surely getting a kitten at any time is fine? But wait, don’t fall for those big soppy eyes too quickly. Consider the timing carefully - choosing the right time will ensure you are ready for the commitment of a new cat. When getting a kitten or cat, timing can really ensure that they settle in quickly with minimum stress. It is always best to get a cat when you are settled into your home and don’t have any plans to move. If you move around a lot then it is likely your cat will get confused and try to return to previous homes.

Avoid Holiday Seasons

There are certain times of the year when getting a new cat might not be the best idea - namely large holidays like Christmas. In these times we are usually very busy and many houses become chaotic. A new home is a scary prospect for a cat so the best time to bring your kitten home is when your house is a calm and relaxed environment. Furthermore at these times of year houses often have lots of decorations. Tinsel and twinkly lights are irresistible to kittens but they can be dangerous choking or electrical hazards.

Choose a Calm Day to Bring your New Cat Home

If possible, arrange to bring your cat home at the start of a weekend so you can spend the whole weekend with your cat and look after it in its new home. If you have children then try to bring your cat home whilst they are at school to allow the new arrival some peaceful time to settle in.


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