Got Red Mites in Your Hen House? These Products will help...

Nesting Boxes

Our Wide Range of Nesting Boxes Bring Solutions to Your Breeding Needs

The Appletons Animal Housing and Pet Supplies range of nesting boxes deliver on smart solutions to protect eggs. We offer a wide range of solutions to protect your poultry when they are laying eggs or when it’s time for hatching.

Benefits of Poultry Laying Boxes

We offer a wide variety of laying boxes to suit your every need.

  • Timber laying boxes bring a traditional hen house feel to your garden. The innovative design of these boxes allows access for your chooks from the inside of their hen house. The eggs then safely land where you can collect them from the outside without having to disturb the hens in their coop.
  • We also offer a plastic nesting box. The laying box provides a safe and secure corner where your hens can lay. It can also offer your broody hen a nest. It is a protected place for her and her eggs away from too much light and the natural elements. It does have proper ventilation to keep the small space fresh. The cosy nesting box is easy care and allows for easy application anywhere in your hen house.
  • Sometimes you prefer to have daily fresh eggs rather than chicks, and then you might want to discourage your hens from breeding. We make it easy with another option in our range of laying boxes. Our roll-away box allows for the egg to safely roll away into a little container where you can easily collect your fresh eggs. The covered container protects the eggs from dirt, trampling by the hens or egg eaters. By removing eggs, the hens are less likely to become broody.

How Chicken Coop Laying Boxes Can Make a Difference to Your Layers

Laying boxes are vital instruments to manage your coop effectively and successfully.

  • Your poultry needs a safe and protected spot where they can lay their eggs in peace. It is important to give them access to such a spot within their coop to ensure they do lay as regularly as possible. In the case of your hens not having such a space in their pen due to a lack of proper laying boxes, you will find your hens will find other places to lay that are hidden and not ideal.
  • Laying boxes is a fundamental way of protecting the fragile eggs from hens trampling on them, and from predators and other harm which might ruin them. Laying boxes also keep the eggs clean and ready for you to collect.
  • Laying boxes also make it easier for you to access and collect the eggs.
  • It is important to ensure that you have the relevant number of nest boxes that correlates to the number of hens in your flock. The given ratio is normally one box per 4 to 5 hens.

Fun Facts About Appletons

Our family has been building and selling coops for more than 16 years. The business grew substantially, and we now stock more than 500 products. We are proud to be the sole distributor of the trusted UK brand, Omlet, in NZ.

You too can contact us to receive excellent care, advice, tips and all you might need to be a successful backyard poultry keeper in New Zealand.


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