Heritage Breed Chicks



This is a Great Way to Get Started with the Heritage Breeds

If you do not own an incubator purchasing day-old chicks is a good way to go. These chicks are sold unsexed. Price is per chick. We sell a minimum of 4 chicks or more. Pick up is essential as we have no way of sending these cuties in the post or with the courier!  Breed choice depends on the availability and this varies from week to week as to what eggs have been set in the incubator three weeks previous. It takes 21 days from egg to chicken!

September to November is the best time to get heritage breed chicks if you want the pullets to come into the lay late summer/autumn. Chicks hatched from December/January onwards will come into lay either late winter or early spring. Remember chicks can be male or female and are sold unsexed.

Chicks will need to be kept warm in a brooder box with a warm area (heat lamp or a light bulb or a heat plate style brooder) where they can sleep and a cooler area they can feed and drink. Until they are pretty much feathered up they will need to be kept indoors or in a shed. Once feathered they can go out into a chicken coop and start having access to free-range. Happy to give advice on set up and can help out with the essentials like wood shavings, chick drinker, feeder, heat source etc. Chickens make great pets for children and adults alike! Keeping chooks is a very rewarding pastime and it does not involve much work if set up properly. All chickens need is access to quality feed; dry, draught-free accommodation and a good-sized area to free-range. Children love going to collect the eggs - it is a great educational tool... plus the fun and excitement of letting a broody hen sit on fertile eggs and watching as little fluffy chicks emerge. If you have not experienced the joy of keeping chooks yet now is the time to get started!

No Heritage Chicks Available for the 2020-2021 Season

We will not have heritage pullets available for sale fo the 2020-2021 season. We will be taking a break from hatching and raising pullets for this season. If looking to purchase good, reliable laying hens we still have brown shaver pullets available for purchase. These make great pets and just about lay all year round!

How many chicks?

Here is an easy formula to work out how many chicks you need to purchase.

Number of pullets required (6)    Double it (x 2)    Add a few spares (+2)     Total (14)

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Healthy Chicks

I recently bought 6 Heritage Breed day old chicks to put under a clucky bantam hen. The adoption went perfectly and now 6 weeks later I have 4 noisy leggy adolescent hens and two roosters. Thank you for the excellent, friendly service from Appletons I'll definitely come back again.