Day Old Brown Shaver Chick & Crumble Combo - Pick Up Only



Next Pick Up Date for our Day Old Brown Shaver Chick & Crumble Combo will be Wednesday 17th August from 1pm 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥 Please note this day could change.

Always best to call us the morning they are due to arrive to confirm they are on their way! Please bring a small box with some kitchen paper towel on the bottom. A small box is best as the chicks will stay warmer 😊

If you are looking for hens that lay lots of lovely brown eggs then these are the girls for you!
Chicks will need to be kept warm in a brooder box with a warm area (heat lamp or heat plate as a heat source) where they can sleep and a cooler area they can feed and drink. Until they are fully feathered and the weather starts to warm up they will need to be kept indoors or in a shed. Happy to show the buyer what to do and what they need to eat etc. We recommend Westons Chicks Choice as the optimum feed to grow good, healthy chicks. It contains the right type of proteins (animal proteins).

We sell a minimum of 3 chicks and included with your purchase is a 10kg bag of Westons crumble.  All chicks are guaranteed pullets. All are vaccinated against Marek's and Salmonella. Pick Up is ONLY  Hatch Day.

Pick up only from our Mt. Heslington Road Shop near Brightwater. Please do not place an order if you cannot collect from our store. For orders over 24 please pre-order 4 weeks in advance.

We recommend opting for a large bag of Westons Chicks Choice 25kg as this is what the chicks will be on up to POL. We have both 10kg and 25kg bags available. We do not sell less than 3 chicks.

Future Chick & Crumble Combo : PickUp Dates (these can change)
Wednesday afternoon 17th August2022
Wednesday afternoon 19th October 2022

 Brown Shaver Laying Hens

Developed, designed and breed for their awesome laying ability and capable of laying upwards of 340 to 360 eggs to 80 weeks of age if fed, watered and cared for correctly. These are the hens they use in the commercial egg industry for premium egg production. Please remember they have a very productive but short life compared to a heritage breed hen. These girls will be POL around 22 weeks if cared for correctly. If you are looking for hens that lay lots of lovely brown eggs then these are the girls for you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jean Wedderburn

The chicks were very healthy & alert on pickup, chirped all of the 2 hr journey home & fell asleep exhauted as I drove in my gate. I popped them under the clucky hen & they bounced out in the morning very bright eyed. Now running everywhere, squabling over food & growing little tails. They love the crumble.

Allen Vandenberg

I think the service work great and ensures that you get the feed with the chicks 🐔

David Western
Western chickens

Excellent birds all doing well settled in at Riverlands fine
The food prescribed is great
Will shop again as the service was so good thanks
David Western

Day old Chicks

Nancy (mother hen) is thrilled with her instant family who are all thriving.

Margi Creed
So happy with my little chickies

They are growing so fast on their Chick's Choice. Healthy, quality birds.