Poultry Bumpa Bit - 25mm



Bumpa Bit - 25mm

Bumpa Bits are small plastic clips that fit onto a hen's beak to prevent her from pecking her housemates. 
The hen can still eat and drink normally, but the clip stops the ends of the beak from coming together properly to stop her from pulling at skin and feathers. Bumpa Bits should only be used for a maximum of two weeks, as the chicken's beak will start to grow around it if left for longer. This 25mm Bumpa Bit is suitable for medium-sized chickens.

Fitting is much easier when using a pair of Circlip Pliers, also available to buy from us. Take the difficulty out of fitting Bumpa Bits on your chickens' beaks by using these Circlip Pliers. Prise open the Bumpa Bit quickly, easily and with one hand, leaving your other hand free for hen handling. These pliers come with two 180 degree heads, a 45-degree head and a 90-degree head. 

We have received our very last order of bumpa bits. 😔 (We can no longer source them.) This plastic in this recent batch appears to be not as robust as in the past. Rather than not make them available for sale we are selling 5 units per pack instead of 3. We are including 2 extra bits at no extra charge. We will not offer any refunds or replacements on broken bumpa bits.

Bumpa Bits are a great way to break bad habits with your hens!

Customer Reviews

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Works a treat.

Worked really well, and the feather pecking behaviour does seems to have stopped Definitely a lot easier with two people.

Jacky Pearson
Bumpa Bit works!

The Bumpa bit was really easy to fit and the hen after the initial surprise got used to eating normally the next day, no more pecking our roosters feathers out!

Bumpa bits

Perfect to stop the bully in your coop

Stephen K
Brighter Bumps Bits

So far so good. The chickens appear to have got used to them so we'll see how it goes after two weeks. Easy to apply with the circlip pliers. It would possibly be good if they came in a bright colour. I don't know how that would affect chickens behaviour. With a bright colour it would be easier to check that the bumpa bits haven't been removed. And easier to find when a clever chook manages to remove it!

Hen Bumpa Bits

Ordered the bumpa bits as our free range, well fed hens looked dreadful - like a bad moult but realised one hen was in pristine condition. Watched her for awhile and caught her in the act of pecking and eating the other hen’s feathers . Easily fitted and problem sorted. Feathers are starting to grow back. Happy hens again. 👍