Bait Station



Bait Station

Having Trouble with Vermin?  
Setting bait is one good way of getting on top of your rats. These bait stations are very reasonably priced. Easy to use and re-bait. Set them around your poultry housing, bird aviaries and flights to eliminate any vermin. Place on the outside of flights and runs. Please note rat bait is poison so do not place where chickens, cats, dogs and children can access.
Size: 32cm long, diameter of entry points 7.5cm wide. 

Rats and mice are a particularly insidious type of predator. They’re everywhere…and …well…breed like mice!! They invade any time of year but get worse during autumn and winter when they move indoors seeking food and shelter. Rats eat eggs and chicks, and both rats and mice eat copious quantities of feed and spread disease. To add insult to injury, rodents also gnaw holes in housing, and burrow underneath, providing entry for other predators. Rats will carry off chicks and ducklings and leave older ones chewed up. They will bite or gnaw on the hocks of older birds. Ground and flighted birds in aviaries can make easy pickings for rats too. Rats tunnel in from the outside and often their presence goes unnoticed till bird numbers start to decline. Their tunnels are usually well hidden under the ground cover, flax plants or tussock. They kill their prey on the ground and drag it back into their tunnels to be stored or eaten. When building aviaries dig wire mesh about a foot into the ground and curving away from the aviary as this will act as a deterrent for digging predators. Also, be smart how you feed out to your birds by using predator-proof feeders.

Whether or not you find evidence, you can safely assume you have a rodent problem. Discourage rodents by eliminating their hide-outs: raise hen houses off the ground on blocks or posts, move movable coops daily, keep hen houses simple structures avoiding roofing papers and walls with cavities where rodents can hide and live. Reduce the number of scraps you feed out and be sensible about where you position and what you put in your composting bins especially if near the chook area. Store feed in containers with tight lids and avoid or sweep up spills. Purchase a step-on feeder; here at Appletons we have some great vermin-proof step-on feeders in stock. By smartly housing and feeding your birds you can get on top of the rat, mouse and sparrow populations and cut down on contamination and at the same time save yourself a fortune in feed. Open feeders and feed is thrown on the ground will only increase rodent populations.


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Bait Station


Bait Station


I live at a rural address and these items turned up fast (this was also during the level 4 lockdown)
Thank you

Rats busted

I managed to get the pre-baited traps with no hassle despite the countrywide lock down. Well done Appletons thank you great service, the traps were better than I expected and so easy to place. So far so good. I am very happy and would buy again anytime. Safe for my pets and chooks too.

Rat bait station

Great product, excellent price, arrived quickly. Pet friendly my cat and chickens can not reach the bait. The rats are eating the bait, so all is working well:)