Appletons Automatic Drinker 5L



Appletons Automatic Drinker 5L

Save time and ensure your chooks have access to water 24/7
The perfect automatic nylon drinker with 5L capacity. Complete with high-quality float assembly rated up to 155psi. Can be used in low-pressure or high pressure up to 155psi. Bowl fits into a plywood stand at the perfect height for poultry. Makes it super easy to clean: tip, woosh out and refill!  This is a low maintenance set up that ensures your poultry have access to water whenever they need it. Heavy-duty plastic bowl (livestock friendly) and hinged stainless steel lid for easy access to float assembly. Drain incorporated. Please note for a quick refill best used off the mains or a tank and pump set up. Water level app. 4L.

Float Assembly High Pressure
The Float assembly comes fully assembled. It is a substantial and robust design with a large volume of float and positive shut-off action. The float is rated to 155psi so can be used in both low and high-pressure systems. The seal can be replaced. The float level can be easily adjusted and set. Replacement float assemblies available.

Bowl 5L
Very sturdy 5.0 Litre Nylon plastic (UV Stable) Auto Fill water bowl - suitable for full-sized chooks (not chicks) and ducks. Also perfect for dogs, calves, goats, deer, etc Comes complete with a float valve, stainless steel float cover plus drain bung in the base for easy cleaning. Easily connected to a standard Nylex style water coupling and will suit all pressures - perfectly suitable for mains and low-pressure water supply systems. Inlet is 15mm - can be plumbed left-hand side only. (1/2" BSP Female connection required)

Dimensions of bowl - 280mm L x 270mm W x 120mm D

Great time saver and your chooks will never go thirsty!

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Automatic drinker
Automatic Drinker