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Rabbit Run

Find the Perfect Rabbit Run to Provide Your Pet with Plenty of Space

Did you know that finding the right rabbit run is essential for the health and happiness of pet rabbits? While bunnies are undoubtedly one of the cutest pets to have in your family, they do have many special requirements which increase the amount of time and money necessary for their well-being. Many know about the need for a hutch, or a safe and secure house where the rabbit may sleep or hide, but fewer know that an outdoor rabbit run is vital for their health and wellness.

At Appletons Animal Housing and Pet Supplies, we're excited for the opportunity to share some important information about rabbit runs, what they are, and why they're so important. Even better, we provide a wide range of options to make it simple to secure the ideal exercise space for your furry friend — along with many of the other excellent products we provide for the sake of happy, healthy pets. First, let's explore the "hows and whys" of rabbit runs and why your four-legged companion will be glad to have one.

The Importance of a Rabbit Exercise Pen

While many rabbit owners focus on creating a safe and comfortable hutch for their rabbits, it can be easier to overlook the need to create a rabbit enclosure that includes plenty of space to run around during the day. Remember that in the wild, rabbits would have a virtually limitless amount of space in which to run and explore. Using an outdoor bunny playpen is an excellent way to provide a bigger space for indoor rabbits, or fun for outdoor rabbits. Consider what makes this investment so important.

  • For young rabbits, exercise plays a critical role in the development of their bone structure. The running, leaping, and rapid turns that are delightful to watch all serve a purpose. The high impact, high-intensity nature of the exercise helps to strengthen their bones, laying the groundwork for their development into healthy adults.
  • Exercise is essential for adult rabbits, too. While their skeletons are as strong as they'll ever be once mature, routine exercise helps burn excess energy, keeps their joints limber, and helps them stay strong for a full and enjoyable life. A rabbit run is crucial for bunnies of all ages.
  • Running around inside a safe and enclosed area can prevent your bunny from experiencing too much stress in its daily life. As a prey animal, rabbits have a very sensitive "fight or flight" reaction which can put them in a stressed state very easily. A safe and structured environment for them helps prevent these concerns.

How an Outdoor Rabbit Playpen Can Help

Often, issues with your rabbit may be due to problems with their environment. Making a change and putting down the right equipment may be just what your bunny needs to feel more comfortable. We've carefully selected all our products to provide the safest, most enriching environment possible. What are some of the issues that a better outdoor space may address?

  • The presence of destructive behaviours indoors. Not all rabbits cope well when given free rein of the house. If you struggle with chewing or animal waste issues indoors, your rabbit may thrive more readily outdoors with an Omlet run attached.
  • Issues stemming from an outdoor space that is currently too small. A smaller hutch and run may be acceptable when the rabbit is young, but once it is older, it may need more space. We've made it simple to upgrade your existing run by adding connecting activity tunnels from the Zippi Tunnel System to other Zippi Rabbit Runs or an Outdoor Rabbit Run.
  • Concerns about predators or dangers and stress from other pets in the household. When outdoors, your rabbit should be completely safe from any potential threats. Such protection is especially important when living in more rural areas. Our products provide complete protection from threats.

Related Services We Provide In Addition To Play Pens for Rabbits

At Appletons, supporting healthy rabbit exercise with a pen for outdoor use is only one of the services we provide. Aside from the Omlet rabbit run, we offer options for other animals as well, not only rabbits. Together, we can create an adequate environment for your animal companions in a simple, cost-effective way. What are some of the other services we provide?

  • Everything to do with keeping chickens. From incubators and coops to chicks and roosters, we supply it all. We got our start with chickens, and we're still at the top of our game — let us help you take the best possible care of your chooks.
  • Cages and equipment for budgies, canaries, finches, and other small birds.
  • A wide variety of products for livestock, including goats and pigs, such as sties, bedding straw, hay, and much more.

About Appletons Animal Housing and Pet Supplies

We have nearly two decades of experience in supporting those who own and raise animals, from chickens and rabbits to dogs, cats, and birds. With first-hand knowledge of the quality of all the products we provide, and a commitment to effective service, we provide our customers with everything they need to create a safe and healthy space for their animals. See what some of our satisfied shoppers have to say.

As the only authorised seller of products by Omlet in New Zealand, we provide exclusive access to this leading brand of high quality and long-lasting products. From an Omlet rabbit hutch to standing enclosures and more, we look forward to the opportunity to share these exciting solutions with our shoppers. Explore all our items now and build the perfect space for your bunny, or give us a call for a friendly chat about any questions you may have.


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