Rabbit Play Tunnel


Rabbit Play Tunnel

Give your rabbits a new and exciting way to exercise with the Omlet Play Tunnels, the perfect small animal tunnels for your bunny to hop about to their heart’s content.
Designed to mimic a rabbit burrow in the wild, Omlet Play Tunnels are a great addition to your rabbits’ run. The plastic tube can be curved to add intrigue and the optional chew-resistant rings at the ends extend the life of the tunnels.
A really unique feature, the rings also allow the tunnels to connect to the Zippi Shelters. By creating an animal tunnel with a room at the end you are giving your pet bunny an amazing nature like rabbit warren to explore! You can start with one and connect up as many as you like.
This fun and enriching animal tunnel is ideal for use in all rabbit runs and hutches including the Zippi Rabbit Run, Zippi Playpen, Eglu Go Hutch and Outdoor Rabbit Run.

The small animal tunnel extends to 90cm and has a diameter of approximately 20cm, so there is plenty of space for rabbits of all sizes to jump through it including the larger breeds like the Flemish Giants.
The extendable tunnels are waterproof, and can easily be hosed down or wiped clean.

The pink rabbit play tunnels are compatible with the Zippi Rabbit Shelters.

Please note - these tunnels are a play toy and are not chew or predator-proof, they should only be used in a secure enclosure. Please remove from your pet's enclosure if any damage occurs to the product. Check out the Zippi Tunnel range for a tough tunnel that can be used to connect a hutch with a run.

Customer Reviews

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Steph Armstrong

The rabbits love it 🐰

Sharon A
Good quality

Very nice and sturdy tunnel. Slots into the shelter so it doesn't move, which is a huge bonus. I'm very happy with it.

Zippi play tunnel

(the pink one) this tunnel is good value and the solid edging (so far) stops my destructabun from turning it into pink confetti. I also have the shelter which my two giants like to hang out in so having a compatible tunnel is great