Topflite Dried Mealworms



Topflite Dried Mealworms

A protein-rich treat for your chooks and other birds.
Dried mealworms provide vital animal proteins to your poultry. Feed out no more than a handful per bird per day. Also, a great source of natural vitamins, minerals and key nutrients that birds and reptiles thrive on. Yes ideal for reptiles, we recommend 5 to 10 mealworms per serving.

Available in a 125g pouch or 500g pouch.

Treat them! Hens are definitely not vegetarian and they will go mad for this high-protein treat!

Customer Reviews

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Diane Pentz
Great product

The chooks love this treat. I can recommend this to all chooks lovers.

Happy birds

I feed them to my chooks daily and use a garlic crusher (no longer used in the kitchen!) to mash them a little to add to my budgies' seed (they flick them out of their feeders if I put them in whole). A great, nutritious addition, especially through the molt!

Dimittee Cooper
Cheapest in NZ

Great product, my girls love their mealworm treats and the protein from the mealworms definitely helps them through moulting. I’ve not found this product cheaper anywhere else, Thank you Appletons.

Tim Warrander
Meal worm review

My chooks love them,they would recommend them to anyone as I would too.

Julia Norton
Dried Mealworms

My girls (Chickens) loved them.