Topology - Luxury Dog Bed With Customisable Toppers and Feet


NEW! Topology  

Luxury Dog Bed With Customisable Toppers and Feet

Transform your dog's sleep with the new Topology Dog Bed from Omlet! Keeping your dog’s bed clean and fresh has never been easier, with machine washable toppers, easily zipped on and off the premium memory foam mattress base, for that ‘fresh sheets’ feeling. Choose from an exciting collection of practical, comfortable and stylish toppers, engineered to offer functionality and versatility like no other dog bed. Suitable for dogs of all ages, the Topology Dog Bed can be personalised even further with a choice of feet to raise your dog’s bed off the ground to improve airflow, cleanliness and comfort! Available in three sizes to fit all dog breeds, the Topology Dog Bed can be customised for your dog’s personality and needs, without having to replace the whole bed. Explore the different style combinations in the video below and find the perfect topper for your dog.

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"The most stylish dog bed - our puppy loves it!  We love the Topology bed! Since arriving, the bed has rarely been empty when we've been at home. We love the fact it fits in with the interior of our home because we have been able to customise so many features. The washable covers are so useful when coming back on damp, muddy walks. The bed was really quick and easy to assemble and the puppy was excited to get on it as soon as we were finished.
Thanks Omlet, we will definitely be purchasing more toppers."  Hannah UK

10 Things You’ll Love About Topology Dog Beds

  • Easy to clean dog bed with zip on machine washable toppers
  • Ultimate comfort on a high performance memory foam mattress
  • Looks great in your home: accessorise with five elegant toppers
  • Stylish bed can be elevated with sophisticated designer feet
  • Spoil your dog to a deep sleep with customisable luxury toppers
  • Find the right fit to suit your dog with a choice of three sizes
  • Improve health, hygiene and airflow by raising the bed
  • Suitable for dog’s of all ages - puppy to senior
  • Save money by changing the topper, not the whole bed
  • Use Topology Beds with Fido Dog Crates

Easy to Clean Dog Bed With Zip on Machine Washable Toppers

Topology has been engineered to eliminate the problem of smelly dog beds! The top of the bed can be easily washed to eliminate odour and dirt time and time again, keeping your dog’s bed fresh for much longer! The hard-wearing toppers can be washed on a gentle cycle at 30° and zip on and off, so that you can easily pop a new topper on while the dirty one is in the wash. If a topper gets worn out, you can replace it and keep the mattress. Topology is a better investment for you, a healthier choice for your dog, and less of a burden on the environment

"I’ve had to throw away beds that were perfectly good before just because I couldn’t clean them. With Topology, I can wash and eventually replace only the bit that actually gets worn - the topper!” - Michelle UK

Ultimate Comfort on a High Performance Memory Foam Mattress

Dogs sleep 12 - 14 hours a day - they take it very seriously! That’s why the core of a Topology Dog Bed is made from a premium memory foam mattress that moulds around your dog’s body and gives unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep. The mattress, enclosed in a waterproof case, has a stylish dove grey cover that matches all toppers and feet. The high performance fabric is hard wearing and can also be removed and cleaned in the washing machine when needed.

"We are delighted with our new dog bed from Omlet. In the morning the dog refuses to move because he's so happy in his bed, he looks so comfy and warm.” - Purdey UK

Looks Great in Your Home: Accessorise With Five Elegant Toppers

The Topology collection is designed to look great in all interiors, and the best thing is that you can choose to get one, two, or all of them! The Topology range is available with five amazing toppers to suit you and your dog.

  • Quilted Topper - soft, plush grey for simple comfort
  • Beanbag Topper - vibrant, mustard yellow with sink-in cosiness
  • Bolster Topper - stylish, grey framing provides extra support
  • Sheepskin Topper - soft, white faux fur gives a luxurious feel
  • Microfibre Topper - brown, absorbent tassels for mud and damp

Patent pending design from Omlet.

Stylish Bed Elevated With Sophisticated Designer Feet

With the new designer feet you can accessorise your Topology Dog Bed to new heights of style. Just like furniture in your home, your dog’s bed will benefit from the elevated aesthetic of sleek, sophisticated feet. Choose between:

  • Round Wood Feet - tapered, light wood, simple style for any room
  • Square Wood Feet - modern, angled feet in light wood for a minimalist home
  • Brass Cap Wood Feet  - round, tapered feet in dark wood with a sophisticated brass cap
  • Metal Hairpin Feet - classic, hairpin steel design, available in black.
  • Metal Rail Feet - steel, ski-style rail from front to back, available in cream, black or gold

All feet come with protectors put at the bottom of the foot to prevent the bed from slipping around or damaging your hard floor.

Spoil Your Dog to a Deep Sleep With Customisable Luxury Toppers

With Topology you don’t need to decide on one style and stick with it forever - you can get several different variations with just one dog bed! The Sheepskin Topper is designed for warmth and cosiness, perfect for adding some luxury comfort to a cold, winter’s day, while the Microfibre Topper offers a place to dry off and relax for dogs that enjoy long, muddy walks! A dog that loves a bit of extra comfort and support will love to rest their head or paws on the Bolster Topper, and the Quilted Topper feels great against the body all year round, staying cool in summer and offering an extra snug feeling in winter. If your dog is super playful and active, the Beanbag Topper is a fun and extremely comfortable place to rest, as the body sinks into the material as the dog relaxes.

When did your dog last get a new bed? Is it time you show them a little extra love?

Find the Right Fit to Suit Your Dog With a Choice of Three Sizes

It is important to choose a dog bed which is big enough for your dog to stretch out and lie in their preferred sleeping position, and don’t forget to choose a size that will last your puppy for life.
Choose your Topology Dog Bed from three sizes to suit your dog’s breed:

The Small (fits a 24 in Dog Crate / Fido Studio 24 / Fido Nook 24 / Fido Classic 24 / Fido Sofa Frame Small) is perfect for smaller dog breeds with a distance from your dog's nose to the base of their tail recommendation up to 45 cm like Yorkshire Terriers, Cavapoos and French Bulldogs.

The Medium (fits a 36 in Dog Crate / Fido Studio 36 / Fido Nook 36 / Fido Classic 36 / Fido Sofa Frame Medium) suits breeds with a distance from your dog's nose to the base of their tail recommendation up to 55 cm such as smaller Beagles, Spaniels and Labradoodles.

The Large (fits a 42 in Dog Crate) is designed for breeds with a distance from your dog's nose to the base of their tail recommendation up to 65 cm like Labradors, Dobermanns and German Shepherds, or if you have two smaller dogs that like to share a large dog bed.

All dog breeds will love the Topology dog bed, just choose the right size for your pet.

Which Size Dog Bed is the Right Size for Your Dog?

Improve Health, Hygiene and Airflow with a Raised Bed

Raising your dog’s mattress off the ground reduces drafts and improves the airflow under the bed, which helps minimise a build up of mould, mildew, dust and debris. This simple solution does not only keep the bed clean and tidy for longer, but is also healthier and more comfortable for your dog.

"It’s great to be able to interchange the toppers & it’s feet to fit Winston’s needs (& our decor) so that wherever the bed goes it doesn’t look out of place & Winston gets the perfect bed. We seem to think the sheepskin is his favourite topper of choice, and we like the solid dark wood legs.” - Curtis UK

Suitable for Dogs of All Ages – Puppy to Senior

The Topology range is perfect for dogs of all ages. The supportive memory foam mattress is ideal for growing puppies in need of a relaxing place to sleep off all the exhausting play, or senior dogs who need a little more support for their tired legs.

Don’t worry about accidents, just change the topper and put the dirty one in the washing machine. You can also, instead of having to get a whole new bed, replace only the topper. This is useful if you’re dealing with a puppy who loves exploring the world using extremely sharp teeth!

By raising the bed off the floor you minimise stress on the joints and prevent unnecessary muscle pain for older dogs that often struggle to get in and out of a low bed.

Save Money by Changing the Topper, Not the Whole Bed

There’s no way around it, dogs get dirty and smelly, shed hair and chew things. It’s not their fault, but it does mean that a standard dog bed might not always last as long as a human one. Luckily, Topology has been designed as a forever solution. The toppers’ washability and durability make them hard-wearing and long-lasting, and if you do choose to replace them over time, you don’t need to buy a whole new bed, which is more economical for you, and kinder to the planet.

"The covers have been put through the washing machine and all washed well. This is such a good quality product for our pampered pooch and it's so nice knowing we won't have to replace his bed for many many years” - Laurence UK

Supportive Base Board Adds Stability

The customised board adds stability to the bed, keeps it level, and allows you to fasten the feet without ruining the memory foam mattress.The feet can be changed at any time to give a new or updated look.  The medium and large beds also come with an additional central support to withstand all the jumping and playing your dog gets up to.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

Use Topology Beds with Fido Dog Crates

The Topology Dog Beds (minus base board and feet) fit perfectly with Omlet’s incredibly popular range of crate furniture to create the perfect sleeping solution for dogs of all ages, ideal for everything from puppy training to a senior or anxious dog.

  • Fido Nook - This indoor dog den comes with an optional removable crate, offering complete flexibility for both you and your dog. The Topology Bed (minus base board and feet) fits beautifully in the Nook both with and without a crate, so that you can make sure your dog is both safe and comfortable while resting. Plus, you can store all your dog’s toppers in the handy wardrobe!
  • Fido Studio - This dog crate offers all the emotional benefits of a safe space for a new puppy in training, or an anxious rescue dog, in a practical, yet stylish, furniture piece that will look great in any home. Plus, you can store all your dog’s toppers in the handy wardrobe!

Topology Materials

  • Mattress: 100% Polyester cover, waterproof TPU insert cover, and Memory Foam (45kg/m3) / Base Core Foam (25kg/m3) filling
  • Quilted Polyester Plush 'Blanket’ and High-loft Polyester - 'Poly Fiber'
  • Microfibre: Polyester
  • Sheepskin: Faux Sheepskin / 100% Polyester
  • Beanbag: Polyester and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Bolster: 100% Polyester cover, Water-proof TPU fabric insert cover and Base Core Foam (25kg/m3)" filling

Note: The Topology Dog Bed Mattress arrives flat and will need to be placed on an even surface to inflate for 24 hours before it reaches full thickness. Beanbag and Bolster topper fillings must be removed before washing.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

Winston, the Dachshund, loves his small Topology dog bed with super comfy beanbag topper.