Day Old Meat Bird Chicks



Day Old Meat Bird Chicks

Nothing beats delicious homegrown chicken!
These chicks grow fast and if you are happy to process your own then definitely worth doing. Cobb meat birds are specifically grown for the table and are ideal for free-range. The average processed weight around 8 - 10 weeks of age should be 2.2 (size 22) – 2.4kg (free ranged)

  • Available for pre-order ONLY
  • Please give us a call 3 to 4 weeks prior to pick up date to order
  • Pick up from our Mt. Heslington Road shop
  • Price is per chick
  • Minimum of 10 per order

Chicks will need to be kept warm in a brooder box with a warm area (heat lamp or light bulb as a heat source) where they can sleep and a cooler area they can feed and drink. Until they are fully feathered and the weather starts to warm up they will need to be kept indoors or in a shed. For best results feed out a quality high protein chick starter like Westons Chicks Choice.  We find the Westons feed to be the best feed as it contains both ruminant and vegetable-based proteins. We stock and sell the Westons stockfeed range.