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Hatching Eggs From Our Heritage Breeds

Over the years we have invested much time and energy in keeping our heritage breeds going so we can supply both hatching eggs, day-old chicks and pullets to our customers. It is very time intensive as requires input all year round - on a daily basis! Looking back, we have been doing this for 15 + years – since our boys were little!
Unfortunately, this has become a costly exercise both time-wise and financially and we are now a family of teenage boys with very busy lives and are finding we can no longer do it all! We have made the decision to scale back and run smaller breeding groups or trios - so reducing hatching egg numbers and availability. Please note for the 2020-21 season we will not have fertile/fertilised eggs available for sale.

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Fertile Eggs
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Hatching Eggs for Spring 2020 - Summer 2021

We will not have any hatching eggs available for sale for this season.

We will not have heritage pullets available for sale for the 2020-21 season and as a result will not be offering our hatching eggs for sale either. We will be taking break from hatching and raising pullets for this season. As we will not be setting eggs weekly in our incubators we are not able to regularly monitor fertility in our pens. The rare breeds website has a chook directory. This can be helpful if looking for hatching eggs as they do list members that keep many of the heritage breeds of fowl.

Rare Breeds Directory

We will list availability. Please note this will not be until the 2021-22 season.

We send eggs on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week. Price is per egg. We have a minimum order of 6 eggs. If you choose to cancel your hatching egg order we do not offer a refund. Please bring your own egg trays or cartons when collecting eggs directly or we have egg cartons for sale. We currently keep the heritage breeds shown below.

Light Sussex

Excellent regular layers of tinted eggs. Starts laying early in the season  - mid June.

Rhode Island Red

Excellent regular layers of medium sized brown eggs.

Barred Plymouth Rock

Very good layers of large tinted eggs.

White Leghorn

Excellent layers of good sized white eggs.

Buff Sussex

Good Layers of large brown eggs. They too like the Light sussex start early in the season.


Rare breed Good layers of white shelled elongated eggs. We find they are slow to start in the season but once they get going then alls well!

Croad langshan

Average layers of pale brown eggs. Rare breed.

Lavender Aruacana

Awesome layers of pale bluey-green eggs. These eggs are delicious! They have a large yolk for their size!

Silver Spangled Hamburgh

Great layers of small white eggs. A decent sized egg from from what is essentially a small hen.

Golden Campine

Great layers of small white eggs. A decent sized egg from from what is essentially a small hen.

Rest your Eggs for 24 hours prior to setting

If you have received eggs in the post we recommend resting them prior to placing them under the hen.

How Many Eggs Should I put Under my Hen?

Under a small hen or pekin bantam we recommend 6-7 standard-sized eggs.
10-12 under a standard-sized hen.