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Brown Shaver Pullets (Laying Hens) - PickUp Only

Price is per pullet and includes GST.
Minimum order of 3 pullets.
Pickup needs to be within a week of ordering or call us to arrange a suitable date.

Our brown shaver girls are happy and healthy and raised with care.
They are shed raised and once-off heat (and a good size!) we let them outside to start enjoying the greens, fresh air, sunshine and all the other delights of being a free-range chook. We feed them on a premium quality chick feed (Westons Chicks Choice) from day one up to point of lay. They have this quality feed available all times for optimum growth. We find the Westons feed to be the best feed as it contains both naturally occurring ruminant proteins (blood, meat and bone meal) and vegetable-based proteins. Feeding quality feed for the first 18 weeks makes all the difference and will grow good, strong, healthy birds.  Good, strong, healthy birds if well looked after and kept on premium layer pellets will reward you with many eggs.

If purchasing pullets from us they will need to go with a bag of the same feed that they have been on and are accustomed too. This means one less stress when they move to their new home and coop.  It is company policy and in the best interests of the fowl they go to their new home with a bag of the same stuff they have been eating. Please do not place an order if you are not happy to take a bag of feed home.

Talk to us and we are happy to advise with tips and advice on getting your new girls settled in. It is important to be aware that if you have purchased pullets that are POL or just started laying they will go off the lay for a while once they move homes. This is perfectly normal as their routine has been interrupted and they need to adjust to a new perch, new flock mates and new surroundings.

All our brown shavers have been vaccinated as day-old chicks at the hatchery. They are injected with Marek’s and sprayed with Megan®Salmonella Vac 1 vaccine. We sell a minimum of 3 pullets. They are flock birds and live in family groups so keeping one or two is not really ideal, especially if you lose one and the last one is then left on its own. 

Please note the price of our Brown Shavers goes up to $1.30 + GST each week on a Thursday. So for every week, they get older we add on $1.50 ($1.30 + GST) to cover their care and feed costs. Our Brown Shaver pullets are usually ready to go to new homes immediately. We do not grow them all on to POL for collection.

PICK UP ONLY from our Brightwater Store in Mt Heslington Road. 
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SOLD OUT  APP2008 Day-old 22nd August 18 weeks 25th Dec POL January
SOLD OUT APP2209 Day-old 23rd Sept 18 weeks 27th Jan POL March
APP2411 Day-old 25th Nov 18 weeks 31st March POL April 2021
APP24/02 Day-old 25th Feb 18 weeks 30th June POL mid/late August


APP02/06 Day-old 2nd June 18 weeks 6th October POL late Oct/early Nov

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Tai Porthouse
Great Layers

Very satisfied with our new chooks. All laying since day 1. Thanks!

Angela Meikle
Great birds

Friendly and have slotted in well

Helen Harris
Very Happy with Chooks

Chooks arrived and looked very good and healthy, a few started laying straight away. We will be back.

Renee Alleyne

Lovely girls One laying Hoping the other 2 will start soon.

Avner Nahmias
Always fantastic

Look no further