Appletons Chick Brooder Starter Package for Rearing Day Olds



Chick Brooder Starter Package for Rearing Day Olds

All you need for raising day-old chicks, ducklings, pheasant or quail. Appletons Ultimate Package!

The Appletons Chick Brooder Starter Package is a safe and great way to raise young chicks. The package comes with everything you need to get started...except for the fluffy chicks and starter feed! The large long plastic blue wire brooder cage makes for very easy cleaning and repeat use. The extra-large wire top door (650mm x 420mm) makes for easy top access to chicks and daily topping up of feed and water.
A side front door (240mm x 240mm) allows for easy front access. Two doors are a bonus. The cage is very spacious and comfortably holds the chick feeders (two supplied) and the heat source + drinker (choose from the options below) making it a great set up for raising chicks indoors. Ideal for raising up to 25/30 chicks.

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Daan de la Rey
Chick Brooder Starter Package

The package conveniently included everything that was necessary to care for 6 chicks of a week old chicks except food. The chicks loved the Comfort Heat Plate and it worked perfectly.

John Carter
Effortless complete package

Appletons package resulted in survival of a complete brood of orphan shelducklings. A waaaay better solution than my hobbled together box and bedside lamp affair, which whilst could have worked just clearly wasn’t something I’d be proud to show/share and wouldn’t have offered complete care.

Susannah Fowler
Chick Brooder Starter Package

Appletons were extremely helpful with the information we needed to get this sorted. The parcel arrived very quickly and was simple to set up. We will be a repeat customer. Thank you.

Kelsey Tills
Perfect for requirements

The starter package is amazing! We had raised rescued wild ducklings before but wanted something better suited for our indian runners. Everything was in great condition and arrived promptly. Definitely better than ducklings taking over my bathtub!!

Alison Higgins

Appletons Chick Brooder Starter Package for Rearing Day Olds

The Ultimate Brooder Set Up for Raising Chicks

  • Chick Brooder Cage (1m or 1.2m)
  • Chick Mat 90cm x 90cm
  • Chick Trough
  • Chick 1.5kg Feeder
  • Complimentary Small Bag of Untreated Wood Shavings
  • PLUS bonus chain to hang the Suspension 1.5kg Feeder.
  • PLUS Tips and Information Sheet on Rearing Day Old Chicks.

Choose from two different heat options.
Each option has a different type of chick drinker.

RADIANT Heat + 1.3L Chick Crown Drinker

The heat source is the Appletons 100W heat package. The heat source is secured by chain and snap hooks to the wire top and the chicks enjoy and thrive in the radiant heat emitted by the tradional use of a heat emitter. This is the best set up you can provide your newly hatched chicks, pheasants, ducklings and quail. The quality ceramic heat bulb emits only heat (no light) so you chicks will have the warmth they need without light 24/7. This is a more natural way to raise chicks as the chicks will get a good night's sleep and a rested gut rather than feeding and being active 24/7. We also sell the heat emitter bulbs separately as always good to have a spare at hand.Using the traditional method of radiant heat the chicks will grow fast and do well and the whole family can enjoy watching them grow.

CONTACT Heat + Chick Nipple Bottle Drinker 1L

The heat source is a 25cm x 25cm Comfort Heat Plate. Heat plates are a very natural heating system for chicks as it simulates the natural heating of a mother hen and makes for healthier chicks. Chicks love to pop under mother hen for security and warmth and the Comfort Heat Plate does just the same. It is ideal to use for different types of poultry, ducks, pheasants and quail. The beauty about these heat plates is that they are very economical to run so will in the long run be a cost saving investment. These plates are very easy to use and with the new unique height adjustment system it makes setting the height easy. Safety has been ensured by incuding both a temperature and resistance fuse.

Buy the Ultimate Appletons Brooder Chick Starter Package today and save time & money.
Choose a size that bests suits you number of chicks.

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