My Cosy Nest - Laying Box



NEW! My Cosy Nest - Laying Box

This laying box is a very nice nesting box at a very afforable price! Offers your hens a comfortable, private, dark and protected place to lay their eggs. The nest is made entirely of high-impact plastic parts (shock-resistant polypropylene) in the fresh, modern colours of lime and brown. The design allows for maximum ventilation but minimum light -  how hens like it!
The laying area will take a good amount (good depth) of wood shavings. Thanks to the good lip on the front your hens cannot easily scratch the nest litter out. Entry is easy with a handy hop up perch with good anti-slip grip on it. The upper side of the nest has a rounded top to prevent chooks from perching on it.

Installation is easy. The nest can be mounted to any flat wall inside your hen house or chicken coop. The back of the nest is open and is mounted to the wall with 4 screws. Top-quality product, Manufactured in Europe. Dimensions: 40cmW x 49cmD x 44cmH.

Allow one nest per 4 to 5 hens.