Let's in Good Light and Plenty of Ventilation

A very practical layout for easy care chook maintenance.


  • accommodates up to 20 heavy breed hens or 24 commercial hybrids with daily access to free range  
  • professionally built, quality KITSET design with easy-to-follow assembly instructions  
  • all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood  
  • built on skids for easy towing around the paddock  
  • solid plywood floor  
  •  quality galvanised corrugated iron roof with flashing at each end (optional upgrade to colorsteel)  
  • quality square mesh on one side for good ventilation  
  • good person-sized door for easy access  
  •  pop hole for chicken access (we can place it where you want it!)  
  • opening and closing pop-hole - lockable at night  
  • 3 nest boxes accessed from the outside and watertight (sealed with a waterproof strip)  
  • 3 perches are removable for easy cleaning  
  • very versatile doubles as a storage/garden shed when not housing chooks!  
  • dimensions: 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.8m high at front  
  • nest boxes are external to this measurement  
  • position of nest boxes and door can be placed at either end.  
  • If you would like your hen house to blend with your other out-buildings please talk to us about upgrading to a matching coloursteel endura roof.  

Inside View

Spacious accommodation. Use only the perches required for the number of hens using the house. All perches are removable for easy cleaning. If you would like to temporarily secure them use a wooden wedge or a nail each side of the perch fixed into the rail.

The person sized door and good head room inside makes this hen house quick and easy to clean.

Person Door in End Panel  

With our Classic Hen House you can choose to have the person door access positioned in the front mesh panel or in the side panel.

The photo alongside shows the person door in the Left End Panel with the nest boxes on the Right. This option works well if you wish to place a run off the front and do not wish to walk into the run to access the hen house.

Person Door in Front Panel

With our Classic Hen House you can choose to have the person door access positioned in the front mesh panel or in the side panel.

The photo alongside shows the person door in the front mesh panel at the Right End.

Upgrade Roof Colour

We can upgrade your Classic Hen House roof colour to match your house roof colour and that of other outbuildings. This option looks very smart and is worth the upgrade. Colorsteel Endura have a standard range of colours. Select one of their popular colours from their range and we can upgrade from the standard galvanised iron to the colour of your choice. Roof iron, flashings and rolled gutter will all match.

Optional Rolled Gutter at the Rear

We do offer an optional rolled gutter at the rear. If you want to remove the sharp edge of the corrugated roof then opting for the rolled gutter will hide this and make is neater and safer. Also a good way to save water off the roof and run it into a barrel down a chain.

Optional Run (2.3m long x 2.4m wide x 1.9m high)

The Classic Hen House is available with a Standard Run built out the front (preferred position) or the back. This is the ideal set up if you wish to let your chooks out to sun themselves, dust bath and forage. A run will give you added peace of mind knowing your hens are safe from predators. It is also a good way to keep control of their whereabouts and ensure your girls keep out your flower beds or from discovering your veggie garden!

Optional Extended Run (2.3m long x 2.4m wide x 1.9m high)

We can also provide the Extended Run - Size : 4.6m long x 2.4m wide x 1.9m high for those wanting to give their chooks a little more space! If you would like a run we recommend placing your hen house person door in the end panel.  If you require a customised run to suit your requirements we are happy to assist. Top netting panel is optional - helps to keep the light breeds in and the sparrows out!

Classic Hen House



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Classic Hen House
Classic Hen House
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