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Eglu Go Dropping Tray
Mounting Bracket for MK2
Eglu Cube 2m Run
Eglu Go Roosting Bars & Nesting Box Tray
Omlet Autodoor - Automatic Chicken Coop Door
Roosting Bars - Plastic - Cube MK2
Eglu Go Wheels
Eglu Run Handles
Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Go
Omlet Chicken Perch
Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Go Up
Extreme Temperature Jacket for Eglu Cube MK2
Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Cube Mk1
Windbreak for Eglu Go Up (810.0187)

Bringing you and your pets closer together. Omlet reimagines the way you live with and look after your pets to bring you closer together. We’ve made rabbit hutches which allow rabbits to express their natural behaviour, Eglu chicken coops keep your chickens safe and the Qute hamster cage looks great in your living room, kitchen or bedroom bringing your pets into the heart of the house.