Appletons Coop Maintenance Pack



Appletons Coop Maintenance Pack

All you need for chicken coop maintenance in one easy pack.

Select our starter pack or economy maintenance pack. Both packs contain the same products just different sizes.

  • Appletons Poultry Safeguard Concentrate - The ultimate solution to a mite-free hen house. NZ Made. Very economical. No other cleaner does the job better!
  • Appletons De-Mite Powder - For residual control of red mites on perches and in nesting areas in poultry housing, Organic.
  • Pack of Face Protectors (5) - Yes it is a good idea to wear one! 
  • Trigger Sprayer Bottle - For easy application.

Starter Pack:  500ml Poultry SAFEguard Concentrate, 350g Appletons De-Mite Powder, Pack of Face Protectors (5), 1L Trigger Sprayer Bottle.
Economy Pack:  1 Litre Poultry SAFEguard Concentrate, 1 kg Appletons De-Mite Powder, Pack of Fack Protectors (5), 2L Sprayer Bottle (brand can vary)

How to Clean a Timber Hen House
Depending on what system you use it should be done at least once or twice a year or more often if you have a red mite issue. We recommend every 4 to 12 weeks. Please wear a nose and mouth protector when undertaking this job due to all the fine dander and dust particles which could carry all sorts of nasty bacteria or fungi. We use a wide-mouthed shovel brush, pan, paint scraper and big plastic bin to clean our houses. Remove the bulk of litter using the shovel and then sweep out the rest with a brush and pan and then using a scrapper remove any necessary stubborn bits. Sweep out. Mix up Poultry Safeguard Concentrate to the correct dilution (see instructions on the bottle) and spray onto dry timbers. For residual red mite control, we recommend using Appletons De-Mite Powder in your hen house on a regular basis. If your hen house smells bad and is attracting flies then something is not working. A chook house should have no odour and be a sweet-smelling home for your chooks.

How to Clean an Omlet Chicken Coop
Tip the dropping tray out regularly (daily if you prefer or weekly) and replace with a thin layer of fresh wood shavings. Once a month we recommend cleaning roosting bars and droppings tray with cleaning out the nest box. Washing the plastic trays and bars is recommended. This is a good time to check for red mite and other creepy crawlies! For residual control dust roosting bars, perch rails and nest box bedding with Appletons De-Mite Powder. Every 3 to 6 months we recommend giving your eglu a thorough clean from top to toe. We use a water blaster for this set on a wide-angle nozzle.  Poultry Safeguard used at is maintenance dose works well. Please rinse well with potable water. Your Egu should look as good as new after its clean! 

Keeping your hen house clean is key to having happy, healthy hens.

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Karen Barrett
Mite emergency: rescued!

I needed mite treatment products for our hens and coop
On an SOS basis. Fiona was fantastic, got it here quickly and mites are gone!

Rose Hardacre

Appletons Coop Maintenance Pack

Jo Green
Appletons Coup Maintenance Pack

Great product and service

Karen Jarrett
Great product for pesky mites!

Thanks for a great product, every chicken keeper needs to have this in their arsenal for the fight against the dreaded summer mites!! Very happy :)

Appletons coup maintenance pack

Fast delivery. Easy to use. 5 star