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Bottle Holder for 1L drinker
Nipple Drinker with Extension Elbow
1/8" Plastic Water Nipple for Poultry & Rabbits
Water Nipple for Poultry and Rabbits - High Flow
Water Nipple for Poultry : Pack of 4 (Red) - High Flow
Horizontal (side mount) nipple drinker - Single (Red)
Horizontal (side mount) nipple drinker - Yellow (2 pack)
Automatic Mini Cup Drinker
Mini Cup Drinker + Elbow
Mini Cup Drinker c/w Elbow + Wingnut
Pipe Saddle Plastic - Monoflow (10-Pack)
Crown Suspension Feeder 3kg
Suspension Plastic Poultry Feeder with Top Fill Hatch 4kg
Crown Suspension Feeder 5kg

Selecting the right drinker/s and feeder/s for your chickens and poultry area is worth doing. Using purpose-built poultry feeders and drinkers will save time, energy and money in the long run and keep your chooks happy and healthy. Throwing pellets out once a day onto the ground and expecting your chooks to drink out of an old dirty bucket is not going to get the best production from your hens or make your daily chores a pleasure. Chickens are not designed for once-a-day feeds. They are foragers by nature and eat little and often throughout the day. Having all-day access to step-on feeders that keep out vermin (sparrows, rats and mice that bring disease) and allow all chickens in the pecking order access to quality feed whenever they need it is the way to go. Buckets of water 'green up' pretty quick and get easily tipped over. Having a reliable, fresh source of water available at all times is key to good health and good egg production. Chooks drink lots of water and they like it clean (just like you!) We have some great feeders and drinkers available.

Find Your Choice of a Chicken Feeder in NZ

At Appletons we are committed to providing fantastic products, such as a chicken feeder in NZ, and top-quality service, and we bring you closer to your pets by making it a joy for you to care for them. Whether you prefer chickens, pheasants, budgies, rabbits, or cats, have a look at the premium animal housing, feeding options, and care guides that we offer.

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