Omlet Caddi Chicken Treat Holder


Omlet Caddi Chicken Treat Holder

Keep food off the ground and entertain your hens at the same time with the new Caddi Chicken Treat Holder from Omlet. The ideal way to feed fresh fruit and vegetables to your chickens, the Caddi Treat Holder keeps food off the ground which is healthier for your hens, improves run cleanliness, reduces food wastage and keeps pests away. As an added benefit your chickens will enjoy the fun and interactive experience of foraging their treats from the swinging feeder. It’s practical too, thanks to it’s adjustable nylon string and handy plastic hook the Caddi can be hung from any chicken run or enclosure including Omlet’s popular Walk in Chicken Run. Caddi is the perfect compliment to the Poppy and Pendant Peck Toys for all your chicken treat feeding needs.

Customer Reviews

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Tracey Ward
Great value

My chickens love there new treat holder

Leanne Rothville
Best feeder ever

What an amazing chicken toy this is our chickens just love it they get excited to see it and have fun eating from it as they never know what to expect is inside.

Omelet Caddie Chook Treat Holder

Great quality product. I put treats from my vege garden in it and it kept my chooks busy during the day. Well constructed from quality materials, I highly recommend this product

Omelet Caddie Chicken Treat Holder

Simplest off the ground feeder and exercise machine ever. Thinking about getting a couple more or maybe the other treat holder. Lovin it!!

Anonymous >
Omelet Caddie treat holder

Great. Easy to use. Chooks love it.

The Fresh and Healthy Chicken Feeder

The Caddi is great for feeding your chickens all kinds of food including fresh vegetables, fruit as well as blocks of seeds and nuts. Keeping your hen’s treats off the floor is not only tidy and practical but it’s the cleanest and healthiest way to feed your flock. The Caddi measures a generous 20cm top to bottom and 8cm across. It is made from heavy duty welded steel with a waterproof rain cap.

Interactive Fun for Your Chickens

With the Caddi Treat Holder feeding time can be a great source of entertainment for your hens and enriches their environment. A Caddi treat holder can also be useful when adding new chickens to the flock as it’s a great form of distraction. The feeder gently swings as the food is pecked, creating a fun and engaging challenge for your chickens. It is also a fun way for children to feed and interact with their hens as they can easily fill and hang the feeder.

"I have tried cabbage leaves, broccoli and spinach so far, all have been a big hit and have kept the hens entertained for hours. As soon as they see me coming down the garden to fill the Caddi they start jumping for joy!"

Attaches Easily to Any Chicken Run

The nylon string is adjustable in length so that you can hang the Caddi Treat Holder from any type of chicken run, including wooden chicken coops, the Walk in Chicken Run or any of Omlet’s Eglu Chicken Runs. The plastic hook means it is quick and straightforward to detach the feeder for cleaning and refilling.

Add Variety to Your Flock’s Diet

The Caddi Treat Holder provides an easy way for you to increase the variety of food that you give to your chickens. The design is suitable for nearly all types of food and the increased dietary variety will help to improve your chicken’s general health and vitality and improve the quality of the eggs that they lay. For example spinach provides essential vitamins and minerals and make for lovely rich orange yolks.

Combine with the Poppy and Pendant Peck Toys

Why not combine your Caddi Treat Holder with Omlet's Poppy and Pendant Peck Toys to create the ultimate chicken treat feeding system? The Peck Toys are interactive grain feeders that combine fun, enriching entertainment with a tasty and rewarding flow of treats. The Pendant Peck Toy can be hung from your chicken's run while the Poppy Peck Toy simply pushes into the ground at your chosen location.

"The hens seem to need to 'tug' to eat their weeds and this holder satisfies the way they eat. Saves having to tie the bundle of greens to the mesh."

"Love this for all the 'scratch and dent' veggies from the garden. Makes them last longer, keeps them clean and is a fun way for the chickens to stay engaged."