Feed-O-Matic Treadle Feeder



Feed-O-Matic Treadle Feeder

4 sizes to suit your requirements: 5kg, 8kg, 12kg and a 20kg capacity.

  • The unique treadle operation of this feeder will ensure your poultry has all-day access to their favourite feed.  
  • No risk of injury with the unique treadle system which allows your poultry to walk on to the ramp which activates an inwards opening trap door, giving free access to their feed.
  • The operating system is almost silent which will not spook extra timid poultry. 
  • The feeder can be operated by all poultry big and small from the smallest of bantams to the largest of heavy breeds.
  • The adjustable weight of the peddle allows adjustments for birds as little as 250 grams to open, if this is too light, then simply adjust to one of the 5 different settings. 
  • Built from robust heavy gauge galvanised steel and mouse-proof. They will also work well to keep the sparrow and other wild birds out too. 
  • For best results, we recommend using this feeder undercover and out of the weather. 

Training takes approx. a week. We recommend not feeding the chooks anywhere else or out of any other feeders whilst in training so they learn to use their new feeder. Try placing a stone on the treadle for the first 3 or 4 days so they learn where the food is, then remove the weight and let them learn to stand on the treadle to expose the feed. They will quickly get the hang of it. To keep the best flow into the feed trough we recommend using a small even-sized pellet in these feeders like the Westons Peak layer pellets. Dry mash due to its powdery consistency will require regular cleaning out to keep the flow moving. Please note the slot at the base of the hopper can be adjusted to regulate the flow of feed. We recommend letting your chooks empty it out regularly so the fine dust that builds up with both pellets and mash can be cleaned out.

Dimensions (approximate) :
5kg - 260mm wide x 400mm high x 480mm deep - including treadle
8kg - 275mm wide x 470mm high x 480mm deep - including treadle
12kg - 345mm wide x 495mm high x 480mm deep - including treadle
20kg - 345mm wide x 660mm high x 480mm deep - including treadle

Minor assembly required upon delivery.

Appletons Auto readle Feed-o-Matic Feeder

This brilliant automatic hen feeder is available in 4 sizes: 5kg, 8kg, 12kg and 20kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Lou Peat
Feed o metic

Great feeder. Love the fact that the sparrows have moved on and we are now only feeding happy chooks

Petra Veail

Feed-O-Matic Treadle Feeder

Treadle feeder

Love it! My ladies were quick to learn how to use this one....they were frightened of the other type with the lid on top! Now I can leave food out all day and the pigeons can't steal it 😁

Natalie Davis
Feedomatic 5kg

The first feeder I bought was damaged and I could not put it together. Fiona was great and sent out a replacement feeder which was excellent service. The second feeder went together much easier with the instructions being clearer and different from first one. However, I still had to file the bolts smaller to fit them through the too small holes to connect the lid.
The feeder treadle area where the chickens feed from is very, very small and far back in the unit. My hylines seem too large to get in there to eat and are terrified of sticking their heads inside to eat. So now almost end of week three for training, and two girls still won't go near it so have had to feed them elsewhere as very hungry. So overall, has not been a great experience and would not recommend wasting your money on this feeder. 1 star for the feeder and 4 stars for service so give it a 3 stars overall. Will preserve until replace with another feeder that better suits the girls as we are all disappointed only the sparrows have taken to it.

Raewyn Smith

once I spoke to your wonderful staff, got it working fantastic. great product