Automatic Mini Cup Drinker

Automatic Mini Cup Drinker



Automatic Mini Cup Drinker

These tidy little drinkers are a fantastic alternative from our larger auto-fill water drinker systems.

  • We recommend approx. 1 drinker per 2 to 3 chickens. (e.g. a flock of 6 hens will require approx 2 to 3 lubing cups).
  • The drinker works on a similar principle to nipple drinkers, although is designed for use specifically for poultry and game (not rabbits or mischievous parrots that like to chew).
  • The device requires a low-pressure gravity feed supply via a header tank, drum or bucket. (no greater than 400mm of head).
  • Alternatively, the cups can be attached directly to any container with a reasonably thick base so can be drilled and threaded.
  • The drinker has a tapered thread, so will self tighten as threaded into your container.

Tips for training chooks onto nipples 
The golden rule for teaching birds to use any type of new watering system like nipples is to remove all other sources of water! As long as they have what they are familiar with they will use it first and will never try something new. If their only choice is to drink from that new shiny metal thingy hanging under the pipe or bucket, it will only take one thirsty bird to try it and show everybody elsewhere to get a drink. So just to be perfectly clear, to teach your birds to use the nipples, remember golden rule...Remove all other sources of water! When installing the new nipple system, simply gather your chooks around and show them by tapping the nipples with your fingers which cause water to leak. That will get their attention and they learn very quickly.

We recommend 1-3 chooks per nipple.

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Benjamin John
Chicken water dispenser

Great e-store for chook run needs…. Thanks.

Rachael Hilston

Excellent service

Liz Attwood

Great service.very happy customer thanks

Mark Adam
Great service

Turnaround time on the order and delivery was superb . Very happy to get before Xmas to fit the cups for my chooks

Wynsome Adams

They are fantastic didn’t take our young girls long to work out!! Keeps water nice & clean.
Very prompt service thanks