Appletons Premier Step On Feeder 9kg



Appletons Premier Step On Feeder 9kg

Stop feeding the sparrows, rats and mice and keep your chickens feed clean 😊

  • Ideal if you have 4 or more hens or only top up your feeder weekly.
  • Perfect if you have a small flock and enjoy going away for an occasional weekend as the chooks will have access to feed 24/7.
  • Hens are foragers and do best eating little and often throughout the day so feed on demand works best.
  • Ideal for busy working people that are not always home early in the morning and late afternoon to feed their hens.

Step on feeders reduce hierarchy in flocks ensuring all birds get enough feed which results in happy hens and better egg production. Step on feeders keep out rats, mice and sparrows ensuring your poultry feed is not contaminated. Clean feed helps to reduce the worm burden. Auto feeders save time and in the long run, less feed is wasted so save money!

Suitable for all commercial hybrids (brown shavers and hylines), heavy breeds and most larger light breeds of poultry plus guinea fowl and ducks. This unit only takes 900 grams to open and holds app. 9 kgs of feed. The body unit is made out of heavy polyethelene (like the wheelie bins) with stainless steel hinges, nuts and bolts so it keeps working in adverse weather. Quality product made here in NZ. This feeder works efficiently both indoors and out but does need to be placed on a level surface.  All our step on feeders include our very own Appletons training instructions which are clear and easy to follow. Chickens need to be POL and older for training.

Dimensions 520mm x 170mm x 450mm deep including heavy-duty foot treadle.

All round a brilliant feeder. We have been using step on feeders for 16+ years and would not be without them!

"At one stage we were feeding all the neighbourhood sparrows, mice and rats and it was costing us a fortune. When we moved to these step-on feeders (now 16 years ago!) and got the chooks trained to use them our feed bill was considerably reduced and the feed now stays clean and is no longer contaminated with mouse/sparrow droppings. Plus our chook houses are also now free of sparrow droppings and easier to keep clean reducing risk from contamination like salmonella and other diseases carried by the wild birds and rodents. Definitely worth the investment. It will pay for itself in no time!"

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Jackson
Premier Step On Feeder 9KG

Arrived today, thank goodness as the sparrows are getting far too fat! The instructions were very well presented in a plastic sleeve and clearly set out. All the extra bits and pieces were included to enable you to get the chickens conditioned to using the feeder. One very happy customer and I would highly recommend

Virginia Borley
Chicken Feeder

We are really happy with it but the chickens are really hesitant. We used the wooden prop for a week and then transitioned to the pegs but the moment they step on the treadle they panic, they've taken to eating through the sides, so we're going back to step one. There is no other food source so eventually they will have to use it.

Emma Gibbs

Appletons Premier Step On Feeder 9kg

Rosalynn Harpin

Appletons Premier Step On Feeder 9kg

Tom Tregaskis
All Good.

Working well. Thank you.