Brown Shaver Pullets (Laying Hens)



Brown Shaver Pullets (Laying Hens)

Our brown shaver girls are happy and healthy and raised with care.
They are shed raised and once-off heat let outside to start enjoying the green grass, fresh air and free-range. We feed them on a premium quality chick feed (Westons Chicks Choice) from day one up to POL. They have quality feed available all times for optimum growth. We find the Westons feed to be the best feed as it contains both naturally occurring ruminant proteins and vegetable-based proteins. Feed quality feed to get the best out of your birds. Here at Appletons we stock and sell the Westons stockfeed range. If purchasing pullets from us they will need to go with a bag of the same feed that they have been on and are accustomed too. We have both 10kg and 25kg bags available. This means one less stress when they move to their new home and house. Please remember to add a bag to your cart when placing your order.

Talk to us and we are happy to advise with tips and advice on getting your new girls settled in. All our brown shavers have been vaccinated as day-old chicks at the hatchery. They are injected with Marek’s and sprayed with Megan®
Salmonella Vac 1 vaccine. We sell a minimum of 3 pullets. They are flock birds and live in family groups so keeping one or two is not really ideal...especially if you lose one and the last one is then left on its own. 

Please note the price of our Brown Shavers goes up to $1.20 each week on a Thursday. So for every week, they get older we add on $1.20 to cover feed. Our Brown Shaver pullets are usually ready to go to new homes immediately. We do not grow them all on to POL for collection.

Pick up of pullets is available only from the Brightwater Store in Mt Heslington Road. We do not deliver locally or drop livestock off at the pick-up point in Stoke. 

Mainfreight due to new regulations cannot carry livestock and Cool Critter Cartage is no longer in operation so until we can find a new, reliable pet carrier we cannot send birds to our usual destinations.

For more information on how to get the best out of your commercial hybrids read our news article 

Please read our Blog on Brown Shavers: Our Modern-day Little Egg-laying Machines!

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6 x Brown Shaver Pullets (Laying Hens)

Chickens are happy and healthy. Service at Appletons is A+


Very happy, healthy birds who have thrived since they came to us.


Easy ordering and timely delivery.

Shaver Pullets

They have arrived safely & are very happy in their new home.
I'm very happy with them. Nice looking hens.

happy chooks and owner

Thank you , 3 girls happily confined and enjoying the freedom